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What Do You Do When You’ve Been Institutionalised

If you have ever found yourself at a cross road in life, having to change the way you view the world and how you interacted with it, then you will appreciate how difficult it is to de-institutionalise yourself when facing … READ MORE

Luxury coach driver! – Confessions from an executive coach

How many times have you been talking to a friend and one of you has felt a spring release in your mind. The next words spoken may be something along the lines of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or … READ MORE

“The times they are a changing”

My experience with change is probably no different than anyone else. Some change initiatives have achieved success, however more often than not many have had a profound negative impact on employees, customers and the company’s brand for years. When I … READ MORE

Working with a Narcissist – Part 1

Having spent time working abroad in different countries, in the big cities as well as small rural towns like Oakey, Albury and Wagga Wagga. My memories of these locations have all been shaped by the diverse people I have worked … READ MORE

Building New Habits

Article by Dean Tuckey In 1960 psychologists Walter Mischel and Ebbe Ebbesen of Stanford University conducted an experiment that would go on to be replicated many times over. The experiment focussed on delayed gratification and was aimed at understanding at … READ MORE

How a Motorbike Saved My Life

My heart was racing, I had a shortness of breath and it took all my strength to remain still and calm. How had I arrived in this situation, saturated with sweat and my stomach tied in knots. I found myself … READ MORE

My Boss Once Instructed Me to Clean Human Excrement Off a Wall and Made Me Like Him for It

By Brian Kneipp That happened over 40 years ago now but I remember it vividly and probably not for the reasons that you’d expect dear reader. I remember because it taught me a fundamental truth about the nature of work … READ MORE

Staying Motivated at Work

By Courtney Neville Recent research suggests that those who sit from 9-5 (more than 6 hours daily) and exercise regularly are more likely to have heart disease than those who sit less than 3 hours per day and don’t “exercise” … READ MORE

Focus on Uniqueness Rather Than Sameness

by Dean Tuckey | 20 October, 2016 Our need to classify is biologically wired into us. The system that classifies people and experiences is binary in nature (either/or), meaning that a person is either good or bad, right or wrong, … READ MORE

Tattoo’s and Piercings in the Workplace

All week at work we have been debating the topic of tattoo’s and piercings in the workplace – is it acceptable? is it legal? And does an employer have the right to refuse to hire or dismiss an employee who … READ MORE