Meet David

Executive Coach


I am passionate about: football, well “soccer” to anyone north of the Tweed River, I’ll watch any game where a round ball is kicked for sport.  I am also passionate about keeping fit; swinging, pressing and pulling kettlebells. And people; conversation with people; trading ideas and knowledge – learning and growing – I relish those “I didn’t know that!” moments, it takes fulfilment to another level.

We all need to believe something and I put my faith in our collective quest to be the best version of ourselves. My little credo is, “I believe that everyone has a talent and we are on a journey to unearth it then apply it for the betterment of ourselves and others.”  For me, it is what leadership is all about.

The satisfaction I feel when a leader (and this is not an exclusive club, we are all leaders) discovers their gift and consequently thrives. This state flows on to the leader’s colleagues, friends, family, team and organisation, and why not the world!  That’s my purpose and what I do to fulfil it is coach. I am an internationally accredited executive coach with the International Coach Federation, with expertise in human behaviour and communication.

Leadership is hard, yet satisfying if you are prepared to commit. Leadership can be lonely. Leaders often need help along the way from different sorts of people.  As a coach my role is to work with the leader to unlock the answer they all have within. This usually takes the form of a one-on-one or sometimes a small group conversation. I provide the challenge and support, the “tough love”, for leaders to venture into those areas they may not have chosen to go.  It is a safe place to tell your story, draft your next chapter and then take the action to put it in place. If the next chapter is well designed, with good intent and is clearly communicated, people will follow.

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