Meet Dean

Leadership Development and Constructive Communication



I’m passionate about helping teams and organisations function better. Why? Because striving, achieving, being better than before and making a difference seem to be motivating even to those who aren’t particularly goal-driven. Because, I think people want to be inspired when they come to work. Because, I think that deep-down we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to belong.

The challenge for the team is the ability to see the wood for the trees. I help teams lay the foundations for performance by understanding clearly where they are heading, how to recognise, appreciate and leverage individual strengths and to establish guidelines for playing nicely together.

I help leaders understand the rationale for current behaviour and how to influence new behaviour by influencing individual, team and environmental drivers. An important factor here is time. We are marketed overnight success, but this is the exception rather than the rule. The test is to stay the course. I help leaders and teams create a plan and keep on track.

I believe people want a better, more satisfying work life. The challenge can be in knowing where to start. Where to start building more engaged, productive and happy work teams. If you are tired of going through the motions. If you want to make a difference. If you want to achieve something special with your team, then contact me. I will help you work out where you want to get to, how to start and how to get there. Click here to contact me.


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