Townsville City Council


  • 1700 STAFF, 190000 RESIDENTS

Townsville is the capital of Northern Australia, and Townsville City Council is the largest regional council in Queensland, employing approximately 1700 staff to service some 190000 residents.

The council is undergoing a program of transformational change, to ensure it continues to be best positioned to effectively deliver key services.

As part of that change program, a number of new positions have been created at Townsville City Council, spanning a range of business units. TP Human Capital is managing the search for suitable people on behalf of Townsville City Council, and we would be very interested to hear from candidates interested in the following permanent opportunities (or other potential roles). Click on the this link for the online job advertisements, and a portal for application:


Engineer Construction & Maintenance

25 October 2017

Forensic Investigator

25 October 2017

Team Manager Parks and Open Spaces

09 October 2017

Team Manager – Civil Delivery

08 October 2017

Commercial Leasing Manager

09 September 2017

Coordinator Infrastructure (Planning and Modelling)

30 August 2017

Team Manager – Community Engagement

29 August 2017

City Economist and Investment Principal

11 August 2017

Team Manager Development Ops (IT)

11 August 2017

Townsville and Townsville City Council information

You can also find out more about the Townsville City Council at the council’s website: note that direct applications are not being accepted.

If you would like to read more on the change process, you can access the Nous Consulting report here.

Life in Townville

Townsville itself is a thriving city with access to a variety of world class education facilities, townsville-beachquality health care, affordable housing, unique retailing, spectacular events and entertainment, a great restaurant & coffee scene, an international airport with excellent connections to Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, and a wide range of outdoor recreation options. It’s a brilliant spot to raise a family. And with over 300 days of sunshine each year, Townsville’s lifestyle is second to none.

Townsville Enterprise web site :
Regional Lifestyle :
Things to do :
Real Estate:

A seachange doesn’t mean your career has to be mothballed. These are mid-level Management roles that integrate managerial, operational, and strategic responsibilities, working with what anyone would consider a large and complex business, but dovetail with a move to a place that would usually be limited to your holiday destination. You get to have your cake and eat it too: maintaining your career trajectory & momentum, but also getting to live a fantastic, relaxed, tropical lifestyle.

TP Human Capital are 100% based and owned in Townsville, and are the city’s largest and best known HR firm. Who better to speak to about jobs in NQ than the NQ specialists.


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