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When developing a training plan for your organisation, or choosing training for your own self-development, it is vital that you choose a training partner who will deliver the results you require.

In 2011 TP Human Capital was a Queensland finalist for the Small Training Provider of the Year and we’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest companies to deliver customised training initiatives, accredited vocational business training offering nationally recognised qualifications, public symposiums, and non-accredited programs.

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Training Areas


Computer Training

The computer is a powerful business tool, and like all tools, it is only as effective as the person using it. The effective use of computers can boost productivity, improve systems, create a professional image and increase the efficiency of an individual and an organisation.

Professional Development Training

Our scheduled professional development training gives employees the opportunities to enhance their self-development and professional skills, and to better manage themselves and others in real-life organisational settings so they can achieve their full potential in their chosen career.

Customised Training

Just as each individual has different needs, so do organisations. Although generic courses are a valuable tool to pass on a widely used set of skills, often organisations require training to be conducted in a way that matches internal procedures, processes and culture.

Coaching and Mentoring

When group training is not the solution to your learning needs, coaching and mentoring give a flexible alternative to a standard classroom environment.

Room Hire

Our rooms are available for room hire for meetings, interviews, training, including computer training.

 Profiling Tools

TP Human Capital utilises a range of profiling tools to enhance your training experience

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GENOS Organisational Effectiveness and Employee Engagement Tool


Staff peak performance can be improved in your business with the help of innovative GENOS systems.  Ask us how we can help you improve Employee Engagement Levels and the effectiveness of organisational strategies.

GENOS Emotional Intelligence – 360-degree feedback

Why Emotional Intelligence?

“…the body of global research that proves when higher levels of EI are present – in leaders, sales people, customer service reps, or just about any role within an organisation that involves interaction with other people – greater individual effectiveness results…leaders with higher levels of EI are better at creating the conditions where motivation, inspiration and innovation can flourish…”

Belbin Team Roles

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The  Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) is the  assessment tool at the heart of Herrmann International’s Whole Brain®  Thinking approach.

For  three decades the HBDI®, which profiles learning and thinking  preferences through the framework of the Whole Brain® Model, has been the instrument of choice for driving  performance at many of the world’s most admired organisations.



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