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We can assist you with recruiting services across all sectors, from mining and blue-collar industries to government/private/corporate office and service-relatedprofessionals.

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TP Human Capital is one of the region’s most respected corporate training providers to small-to-largebusinesses, including the likes of BAE, Wilmar Sugar, BHP Billiton and
James Cook University.

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Human Resources

TP Human Capital was founded to help organisations manage their human resources (HR) more effectively.  Our clients recognise the key role that their people play in achieving organisational success and the need for specialist knowledge and consulting expertise in the HR area.

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Jobkeeper boosted local jobs in May

By AnnaleseS | June 26, 2020

From Clayton COOK TP Human Capital, with Economist Colin Dwyer   The impact of a pandemic has seen the most unusual financial year in most people memories.  It has disrupted a positive economic trend in Townsville up to March and then seen many local businesses adapt to new challenges and many workers routines and incomes…

Call for stimulus as economist estimates 18.8% jobless rate

By AnnaleseS | May 26, 2020

TONY RAGGATT, Townsville Bulletin, Friday 22nd May Governments will need to spend more cash on infrastructure and lift COVID-19 restrictions to ensure the Townsville region recovers from the unprecedented lockdown, an economist say.  It comes as official data puts the region’s jobless rate around 8 per cent, while economists estimate it could be as high…

Townsville Can Recover!

By AnnaleseS | May 22, 2020

ABS 12-month data for April reveals some curious information for Townsville Region and most other regions. The ABS says the regional data has limitations. We expect regional unemployment rates are distorted by its definition, that is you have to be looking for work to be considered unemployed.  Covid-19 restrictions meant many people couldn’t leave their…

COVID-19 – Another Excuse to Squeeze the Little Guy?

By Clayton Cook | May 6, 2020

This might be the most important post I write this year so let’s get straight to the pointy end. As we all sit here desperately brainstorming inventive ways of keeping our businesses afloat, a disturbing trend has come to light…Businesses that are not impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions but behaving as if they are. Postponing…

Working from home…it’s more than rescue dogs and silk pajamas…

By Tina Klekar-Cook | April 28, 2020

Working from home is more than adorable puppies, questionable clothing choices and bingeing Tiger King Joe Exotica. Here’s what you need to know to stay on track while working away from the office… While many of us have worked from home at some point, either with sick kids or a weather-related office/site closure, for most…

What does the JobKeeper payment really mean for your business?

By Clayton Cook | April 15, 2020

9th April 2020 The JobKeeper payment should have been called the Retain-Your-Critical-Staff payment. At least that’s how businesses should be thinking of it. First and foremost, you want your business to still be around. But a close second is to still have your key employees when you do. Consider the Christmas period. Businesses shut for…

Recruitment professional says jobseekers face bright prospects

By tphcmanager | March 30, 2020

Jobseekers in Townsville can look forward to their best prospects for finding work in seven years, according to recruitment specialist Clayton Cook. TONY RAGGATT, Townsville Bulletin, January 4th 2020.  Click here for online article JOBSEEKERS in Townsville can look forward to their best prospects for finding work in seven years, according to recruitment specialist Clayton…

The Moving Beast- Covid 19

By AnnaleseS | March 30, 2020

CAITLYN CHARLES, Townsville Bulletin, Monday 1st April Townsville Bulletin spoke to Clayton Cook- Managing Director of Tp Human Capital to uncover how Covid-19 has influenced the job market. The Townsville Bulletin reports that more than 900 jobs are currently advertised in the Townsville region with health and trades jobs accounting for more than 32 per…

Room Hire during Coronavirus

By tphcmanager | March 24, 2020

Demand for our Room / Venue Hire has increased as many hospitality venues close Tuesday 24 March This is a quick update regarding our training / conference room hire availability.  We have been taking additional calls for venue hire as other venue options continue to close under the Coronavirus-related Public Health direction regarding Non-Essential business…

Recruitment professional says region’s economy tied to mining

By tphcmanager | March 24, 2020

IF coal mines were closed or new developments prevented from opening, the employment and economic impacts for communities like Townsville would be massive, a recruitment professional says. TONY RAGGATT, Townsville Bulletin. January 15, 2020.  Link to story IF coal mines were closed or new developments prevented from opening, the employment and economic impacts for communities…

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