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Townsville’s unemployment rate has started to improve

Sep 3, 2019

Queensland’s unemployment figures were recently reported by Josh Bavas from ABC News. Clayton Cook- TP Human Capital Managing Director, was interviewed to comment on the recent unemployment rate in Townsville to gain his expert opinion on where Townsville is heading. Exerts of the article are below. To view the full article head to: ABC News.  When it comes to unemployment, Queensland currently has the second-highest rate in the country, behind…

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Wallaby friendly workplace

Aug 30, 2019

“Ohana means Family. Family means, no one gets left behind” and fortunately enough these little joeys are now apart of the TP Human Capital family. We pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly office not only with the Wallabies but also with our “Furry Fridays” when our staff members can bring in their dogs for the day. The morale in the office always lifts and the smiles from ear to ear…

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Jobs advertised in Townsville region doubles

Aug 27, 2019

Number of jobs advertised in Townsville region doubles to 1457. The number of jobs advertised on Seek for the Townsville region has more than doubled over the past three years and looks to be heading higher, recruitment consultant Clayton Cook says. Most jobs are in trades and services, followed by healthcare and medical, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, transport and logistics and then community services. Mr Cook, managing director of TP…

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Women in Mining

May 22, 2019

Mining jobs for women are not nearly as scarce as you might think. Though most people tend to think of mining as primarily a man’s world, there are more and more women making inroads in the industry. In fact, many companies actually prefer to hire women for certain jobs, as they tend to have excellent attention to detail and good safety records. Though it can be a physically demanding job,…

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Angel-Paws charity walk proudly supported by TP Human Capital

May 20, 2019

Date: 14 May 2019 TAKE A WALK, TALK THE TALK AT INAUGURAL ANIMAL WELFARE EVENT Townsville animal lovers are being called to take a walk, and talk the talk at the inaugural Angel-Paws Pet Walk and Pledge on 19 May 2019 at Sherriff Park, Mundingburra. The Angel-Paws Pet Walk and Pledge is an animal lover’s get together which includes a 2.5 km return walk with their dogs between Sherriff Park…

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What a one-eyed horse taught me about myself

Apr 18, 2019

After one week with Maestro, a one-eyed ex-trotter, Scott learnt how important it is to live for the moment and to recognise how our emotional states can impact everything we do. Take the reigns and check out what you can learn from Scott’s equine adventures.

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How to get more of what you want

Mar 14, 2019

Imagine if the first person your customers see is just like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. They are miserable with life, nothing ever goes right for them and they let everyone who walks in know it.That was something I experienced so I set myself a challenge, to turn their frown upside down. After six long months I finally got there. In this months newsletter I explore the ways we can influence people to get more of what you want.

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Developing leaders needs a holistic commitment

Mar 14, 2019
Leadership Development

Most people recognise the importance of leadership development. What the research shows us is that the most effective companies tend to build leadership growth into their very DNA. They don’t just send people on a course and hope for the best, they put systems, processes, cultures, and practices in place that support leaders in their daily development.

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How the Titanic tragedy can help you make better decisions

Feb 7, 2019

If we look back through history and the Titanic tragedy, we can learn a lot about unintended consequences and improve our decision making process.

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