Jobkeeper boosted local jobs in May

By AnnaleseS | Jun 26, 2020

From Clayton COOK TP Human Capital, with Economist Colin Dwyer   The impact of a pandemic has seen the most unusual financial year in most people memories.  It has disrupted a positive economic trend in Townsville up to March and then seen many local businesses adapt to new challenges and many workers routines and incomes…

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COVID-19 – Another Excuse to Squeeze the Little Guy?

By Clayton Cook | May 6, 2020

This might be the most important post I write this year so let’s get straight to the pointy end. As we all sit here desperately brainstorming inventive ways of keeping our businesses afloat, a disturbing trend has come to light…Businesses that are not impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions but behaving as if they are. Postponing…

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Working from home…it’s more than rescue dogs and silk pajamas…

By Tina Klekar-Cook | Apr 28, 2020

Working from home is more than adorable puppies, questionable clothing choices and bingeing Tiger King Joe Exotica. Here’s what you need to know to stay on track while working away from the office… While many of us have worked from home at some point, either with sick kids or a weather-related office/site closure, for most…

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retention of your key staff

What does the JobKeeper payment really mean for your business?

By Clayton Cook | Apr 15, 2020

9th April 2020 The JobKeeper payment should have been called the Retain-Your-Critical-Staff payment. At least that’s how businesses should be thinking of it. First and foremost, you want your business to still be around. But a close second is to still have your key employees when you do. Consider the Christmas period. Businesses shut for…

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Our Services : CoronaVirus

By Tina Klekar-Cook | Mar 19, 2020

As further COVID-19 risk management procedures are being implemented, we’re receiving requests to provide alternate ways our clients can still access services to help avoid or reduce interruptions to their day-to day-HR activities. TP Human Capital is a local Townsville business and we realise the need to adapt. We have been working with individual clients…

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Business Confidence Up

By AnnaleseS | Mar 4, 2020

2020 Vision for Townsville’s unemployment Positive end to 2019 for Women ABS data for December 2019   The monthly unemployment rate for Townsville Region produced a positive end to 2019 for Townsville.  ABS data for December reveals females posted very good results, but males were still struggling, operating outside their Regional Adjusted Full Employment Range.…

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Mine, Mine, Mine.

By AnnaleseS | Dec 11, 2019

The new minerals mine in North Queensland The Townsville Bulletin reports that Industry Minister Karen Andrews will today grant major project status to the St Elmo Vanadium Project near Julia Creek. The Saint Elmo Project is 100% owned by Multicom Resources and is situated 25km east of Julia Creek in Queensland’s North West Minerals Province.…

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Unemployment improves in 2019

By AnnaleseS | Nov 22, 2019

Townsville Workforce Performance 2019 Townsville economy and jobs market was driven by several factors in 2019.  The greatest impact was from the floods early in the year.  But Townsville still had a lot going for it in 2019, strong business confidence returned, significant projects helped drive construction work, new festivals and events drove positive activity…

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67 too young to retire?

By AnnaleseS | Nov 19, 2019

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg wants to see older Australians delay retirement and remain in the workforce for longer.  TP Human Capital : COMMENTS While you are reading the media article below, here are some current facts to take into consideration: 60yrs current Preservation age – age you can access your Superannuation fund (up from 55yrs of…

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