Jobs in Townsville – new work for dole

The government has announced changes to the unemployment benefits due to take effect 1st July 2015.   These changes include job seekers having to apply for 40 jobs per month and working for unemployment benefits – something like 25 hours per week.  Clayton Cook, our Managing Director was interviewed by ABC Radio and the Townsville Bulletin about these changes today 28th July 2014.

The feedback given in these interviews included support for the work for payments plan.  We believe that working for payments has a number of benefits, including ensuring people are gaining skills, getting used to working, confidence, contribution to the community, contacts, and at-the-end-of-the-day why should people received unemployment benefits without ‘work’.

The 40 jobs applications per month plan is something we haven’t seen the details for as yet, however it could prove difficult in regional areas, particularly with the current unemployment rate.  Local media keeps mentioning the figure around 10%, however we agree with Townsville Enterprise, CEO David Kippin with his estimate around the 7% level.  It’s not as bad as people think, however permanent positions are fairly quiet currently and the turnover of jobs isn’t at the usual levels (people leaving current positions and requiring replacements).

Hopefully there are some requirements around the types of role and suitability of positions being applied for.  As it’s quite easy to apply for 40 positions you’re not suited for just to fill out a form and keep receiving payments.

Turnover of roles should start picking up shortly and activity will increase.

Keep your head up and stay position.   A good attitude is always in demand.

Enjoy your week

Clayton Cook