Wallaby friendly workplace


“Ohana means Family. Family means, no one gets left behind”

and fortunately enough these little joeys are now apart of the TP Human Capital family.

We pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly office not only with the Wallabies but also with our “Furry Fridays” when our staff members can bring in their dogs for the day. The morale in the office always lifts and the smiles from ear to ear aren’t just from the dogs!


There are numerous studies around the benefits of having pets from decreasing stress, improving mood and helping people socialise. We 100% can say these benefits have helped our office and improved the working environment from teamwork, communication and attitudes daily; there is nothing like a snuggle from a furry friend when you’re ready to scream at your computer!

Jo and Jackie, our wallabies aren’t quite ready to take off like these wallabies  but in a few months they’ll be given another chance at a fresh start back in the wild, hopefully, the Qantas Wallabies will get the same fresh start for this year's World Cup.


If you or your office would like to become a wildlife carer or maybe you just want some more information click here