Dress for the job you want…

We’ve all heard the advice – dress for the job you want, not the job you have, but how do you know what this actually looks like in the modern workplace?  

Things were a lot simpler ‘back in the old days’ when everyone wore a suit and tie to work.

Now it can depend more on the type of organisation and their brand identity rather than the actual position. For example, formal business attire would still be appropriate if you were applying for a CFO role in a large accounting firm but could be quite out of place for a CFO role in a small startup or creative marketing business.

So how do you know the right approach? A good first step is to check out the company’s online presence. Images used on their website and social media platforms will give you a good indication of their dress code etiquette. Are the executive team wearing suits or polo shirts in their corporate profile photos? Does Instagram regularly show team members in the officer wearing jeans and sneakers, or cocktail dresses and cuff links?

Keep in mind, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look the part, it’s easy to still look well-presented while on a budget. Simple things like having neat and tidy hair, using deodorant, and making sure your clothes are clean and ironed make a stronger impression than expensive shoes.

Check out this blog https://stylishlyme.com/style-guides/how-to-look-stylish-every-day/ for more tips on to look your best without spending a cent!

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