A Reader's Guide to Entering the Mining Industry in Australia 2024

This advice was submitted by an experienced Mining employee focussed on Queensland, Australia Mining.  Coal and Metalliferous.

Entry Level Operators

Understanding Employer Perspectives: Employers prioritize your skills and the quality of your resume. It's crucial to present yourself effectively in your resume.

Workforce Diversity Goals: Large companies are increasingly committed to an inclusive and balanced workforce. As a result, women may have a statistical advantage in securing operator roles.

Local Advantage: To enhance your prospects in operating ultra-class rear dump haul trucks, consider relocating to mining regions like Mackay or Moranbah. Starting locally before moving to fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) positions is advantageous. Companies hesitate to fund travel for inexperienced candidates.

Industry Certifications: While RII tickets for various equipment like water trucks and excavators exist, they're often not a priority for major mines that prefer in-house training. Investing in these tickets might not provide a significant edge.

Starting From the Ground Up: Securing an on-site role, even in cleaning or other basic positions, is a strategic move. It allows you to build connections and gain site experience, which is highly valued.

Trades and Contractors

High-Risk Work Licences: These licenses are highly valued in the industry.

Skilled Trades: Electricians, auto electricians, heavy diesel mechanics, mechanical fitters, and boilermakers are in demand. Experience in these trades can be your entry ticket into mining, particularly with contractor companies. Prior mine site experience is a bonus, but there's currently a skill shortage, giving you an advantage.

General advice all applicants

Standard 11 Certification: While many companies cover the cost of Standard 11 training, paying for it yourself demonstrates determination and can make you stand out.

Coal Board Medicals: Legally, these are the responsibility of the employer. Avoid undertaking one independently, as you cannot complete it without an employer and it's costly. If you've already paid for one, be prepared that you might need to redo it.

Current Market Conditions: With the coal price down, companies are looking to reduce costs, favoring local hires over FIFO arrangements.

Workplace Realities: Remember that no one is irreplaceable. Prioritize safety, steer clear of workplace politics, and treat colleagues with respect. This approach generally leads to a drama-free work environment.

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