the next step?

Research the Industry

Mining is an international industry with mines and sites all over the globe. So it is possible for you to end up travelling nationally and internationally.underground

Identify what you would like to do in the mining industry

There are a multitude of positions on the average mine site. Give yourself more than one option for success.

Refine your skills and training to meet those requirements

Give yourself a real chance. The competition in the mining industry is enormous. Success can come down to place and time, or the extra skill(s) you have attained.

Where to look

Mining companies – can offer various opportunities and entry levels. They usually employ staff with a view to training and developing a career path within their own environment.

Mining contractors – tend to offer similar opportunities but on a more project-orientated basis.

Recruitment companies – have requirements to fill positions that have been made vacant for many reasons (leave, promotion, resignation, busy times). They need applicants with demonstrated skills for their positions to minimise disruption to their clients’ operations.

When working for a recruitment company you have dual responsibilities: the recruitment company is your employer (pays your wages) but you work with, and under the direct supervision of, the host employer (mining client).