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What a one-eyed horse taught me about myself

After one week with Maestro, a one-eyed ex-trotter, Scott learnt how important it is to live for the moment and to recognise how our emotional states can impact everything we do. Take the reigns and check out what you can learn from Scott’s equine adventures.

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Developing leaders needs a holistic commitment

Leadership Development

Most people recognise the importance of leadership development. What the research shows us is that the most effective companies tend to build leadership growth into their very DNA. They don’t just send people on a course and hope for the best, they put systems, processes, cultures, and practices in place that support leaders in their daily development.

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Congratulations to our Chartered Manager – Scott Timmins

TP Human Capital are proud to have a Chartered Manager among us after People Solution Specialist Scott Timmins completed the extensive qualification process in November. The Chartered Manager (CMgr) is an internationally-recognised professional label accrediting management and leadership excellence. Scott has been at TPHC for over three years and remains a great asset with his …

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The Cassandra Curse

After the trojan horse was brought inside the gates of the ancient city of Troy, 30 of the best Greek warriors who had been hiding quietly inside the wooden horse for hours launched a surprise attack on the residents and decimated the city. The question remains – why anyone didn’t warn the leaders the trojan …

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Take complaints seriously or you may end up paying for it

One of the biggest myths managers have around allegations of inappropriate behaviours is that they can’t really act unless a formal complaint has been made. Unfortunately this is not the case and from my experience only worsens the situation. In a recent case in Victoria a female employee raised concerns about a series of inappropriate …

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Three Ways to Develop Grit

As October is Mental Health Month I wanted to give you some tools that you can use in both your work and personal lives. This week is all about developing Grit: Why do some people success while others fail? Angela Duckworth, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, discovered through her research at …

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Medical Certificates – When can you ask for more information?

The challenge for many employers when an employee is unwell for an extended period, is not just about knowing whether they are fit for duty, it’s also about what level of information can we ask the employee to provide on their medical certificates. Well a recent decision from the Fair Work Commission (FWC – Tawanda …

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Lifestyle key to city’s success : Townsville Bulletin

BETTINA WARBURTON, Townsville Bulletin September 14, 2018 9:18am TOWNSVILLE’S lifestyle is the key to attract people who move to regional cities for affordability and climate, says a local employment specialist. TP Human Capital director Clayton Cook said Townsville’s future was as much about liveability as it was about jobs, and the city needed to highlight …

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