Benefits for Employers

There are several ways in which an organisation can benefit from outplacement services:

  • Less Stress: It is not only employees who find terminations traumatic. customer serviceOrganisations and Management find termination of employees equally difficult.  Employees are often emotional and can be angry.  An indication that they are important enough to warrant help can help calm things down.
  • Morale: A poorly handled termination not only affects the individual, it affects the morale and company loyalty of all other employees. Retaining talented employees is critical.
  • Practice what you preach: Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Value Propositions most likely indicate your organisation values it’s people. Often a variety of ’employees are our greatest assets’ – is your company displaying this through it’s actions.
  • Leadership: Continuing employees will scrutinise the leadership that management demonstrates in handling these difficult circumstances with consequences for employee productivity and motivation.
  • Public Relations: Former employees who are disgruntled can, and often do “bad mouth” the company or organisation, damaging its public image and reputation in the marketplace. This can be minimised if handled correctly.  Retaining a good Employer Brand is extremely important, particularly if you aim to attract the best.
  • Legal Risks: In today’s litigation-conscious business world, you can reduce the risk of legal action by ensuring a termination is handled with fairness and dignity all around.  Australian Fair Work has made the process very simply for employees and defending your company can get very expensive.