Outplacement Services: Empowering Career Transitions

Unlock Your Future: Navigate Career Changes with Confidence and Expert Support.

"Our focus is to help you master your career transition, equipping you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to thrive in new beginnings."

Why Outplacement Services Are Crucial for Career Transitions

  • Seamless Transition: Provides crucial support to employees during the challenging period of redundancy, helping them transition smoothly to new opportunities.
  • Stress Reduction: Reduces the stress and uncertainty associated with job loss by offering structured and professional guidance.
  • Skill Enhancement: Helps individuals refine existing skills and learn new ones to enhance their employability in a dynamic job market.

Why Choose Us: Tailored Experience and Expertise

  • Diverse Sector Experience: Over 15 years of specialized experience across industries such as Universities, Mining, the Defence Force, and Public Service.
  • Defence Transition Specialists: Notable expertise in Defence Force Career Transition Management Coaching (CTMC), Defence Career Transition Training, and Defence Resume Coaching in Townsville.

Comprehensive Support for Career Transitions

  • Personalized Guidance: Providing personalized and confidential support to navigate the challenges of redundancy and career change.
  • Direct Collaboration: Employees work directly with a career consultant to develop a personalized transition strategy.

Your Transition Plan: A Tailored Approach

  • Emotional Coping Strategies: Techniques and support for managing the emotional impacts of redundancy, such as anger, hurt, and loss of confidence.
  • Career Exploration: Guidance in identifying new opportunities that align with personal interests and strengths.

Professional Development Tools

  • Career and Executive Coaching: Structured career counseling and executive coaching to refine professional goals.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Services include LinkedIn profile optimization and social media strategy development.

Job Search Mastery

  • Networking and Agency Collaboration: Strategies for effective networking and working with recruitment agencies.
  • Application Excellence: Crafting best practice resumes and cover letters tailored to the job market.

Skill Enhancement

  • Interview Preparation: Comprehensive training to excel in job interviews.
  • Psychometric Profiling: Utilizing tools like Myers Briggs Type Indicator to understand personal strengths and work styles.
  • Personal Branding: Developing a personal brand and presentation skills to stand out in a competitive job market.

Psychometric Profiling: Facet5 for Career Development

Facet5's approach to personality assessment, with its focus on practical application and ease of understanding, makes it a valuable tool for anyone looking to refine their career strategy and development​.

  • Understanding Personal Strengths and Work Styles: Facet5 helps individuals gain deep insights into their personality traits, providing a clear understanding of their strengths and work preferences. This understanding is crucial for aligning career paths with personal aptitudes, leading to more satisfying and successful career outcomes.
  • Tailored Development Plans: With the detailed personality profile that Facet5 provides, career development can be highly personalized. The tool identifies not just strengths but also areas that require development, allowing individuals to focus on specific aspects of their personal growth.
  • Enhanced Communication and Team Integration: Facet5 offers insights into how individuals differ in behavior, motivation, and preferred ways of working. This knowledge fosters better communication and smoother integration in team environments, crucial for career advancement and effectiveness within a company.
  • Strategic Career Moves: By understanding their unique personality profile, individuals can make more informed decisions about future roles and projects that fit their innate characteristics and career aspirations.


Facet5 Overview and Application: Explore how Facet5 measures personality traits to aid in personal and professional development.

Learn more about Facet5
Facet5 and Career Development: Understand how Facet5 can be specifically utilized for career development and planning.

Facet5 for Career Development
Facet5 Accreditation Information: Details about how to become accredited to use Facet5 in professional settings, enhancing credibility and capability in career advisory.

Geographic Coverage : Nationwide Outplacement Australia

Expanding Beyond North Queensland

Prior to the global pandemic, our core operations were primarily centered in North Queensland, stretching from Townsville to Cairns. Our team valued face-to-face interactions highly, believing in the power of personal connections to foster effective career transitions. However, we have always had the capability to travel and deliver services beyond our central locations when needed.

Leveraging Technology for Broader Reach

The advent of COVID-19 has accelerated improvements in digital communication technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This shift has not only expanded our capabilities but also enhanced comfort levels among clients with remote interactions. As a result, we have effectively transitioned to providing comprehensive Outplacement Services remotely.

Efficient and Effective Remote Services

Our experience includes running successful Outplacement Services remotely for various clients, including some based in regions where we previously had a strong physical presence, like Townsville. For instance, at James Cook University, we found that remote sessions via phone or video calls were not only possible but often more efficient and preferable for both parties involved.

Nationwide Support with a Personal Touch

With these advancements in technology and changes in client preferences, we are now confidently equipped to offer our Outplacement Services across Australia. Whether you're in a major city or a remote area, our team is prepared to support your career transition needs with the same level of personalized and professional service, ensuring no one is limited by their location.

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