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Transition to Retirement Program


Workshop outline (group)

Retirement is one of the biggest changes that can take place in your life, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean you need to take up golf or start traveling around Australia in a caravan (unless you want to!).

This workshop aims to explore some of the misconceptions about retirement and build an understanding that there is no one size fits all for retirement these days; individuals can structure their retirement to match their lifestyle. The key is to invest time and thought into clarifying what you want and how you will achieve it to ensure a fulfilling and satisfying life once you finish full-time employment.

  • What are some of the major challenges involved in retiring?
  • What options and opportunities are available to you in retirement?
  • What are your values and strengths?
  • What skills might you need to face the challenges of retirement?
  • How can you find the right balance of activities to meet your financial, social, and physical needs?
  • Will your health & wellbeing needs be different?
  • How can you maintain a sense of purpose in retirement?

Retirement program planning (individual)

  • Set clear goals including how you will spend your time, where will you live and aligning goals with your spouse/family.
  • Identify a target date for retirement taking into consideration retirement age, income needs and tax outcomes.
  • Develop a financial strategy (assistance with preparing a checklist to discuss with your financial planner) e.g.
    • Suitable investments, managing key risks, adapting investment profile for your goals
    • Exploring income options including earnings from investment outcomes, part-time work, superannuation savings, pension

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