HR Services

Our HR specialists can assist you with the transactional and transformational HR activities required at each stage of the employee life cycle.

Strategy and Policy

TP human capital can help you with developing and reviewing strategy and policy documents and communicating with key stakeholders to prepare for implementation.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • Anti-discrimination and Bullying
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Compensation Strategies

An appropriate and competitive compensation scheme is critical to creating an equitable and transparent environment where employees feel valued for the work they do.

But what are your options when you're not convinced the communicated dissatisfaction about dollars is actually about the dollars at all?

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Organisational Design

Many of our clients’ frustrations and daily challenges come from inheriting poorly conceived or outdated organisational structures.

Our Strategic HR team can take you through best practice team structures and reporting lines to ensure position responsibilities to better reflect the job requirements and the meet the organisational needs.

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Employer Branding

While most of our clients recognise the benefits of building a strong employer brand to attract and retain the best people, they often struggle to keep up with the constantly evolving employer branding landscape.

We can bring you up to speed on the ever-evolving employer branding landscape and help you develop new strategies.

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Employee Engagement

Happy human resources are critical to your organisation’s success. If your employees are not actively engaged in supporting your business objectives, you will not achieve the level of success you desire.

So how can you find out if your employees are truly engaged at work?

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Workforce Planning

Do you know which of your employees are considering retirement? What skills gaps do you need to address? Are your salaries competitive? How many potential leaders are you developing? Do you have career paths mapped for your high performers?

A workforce plan can help answer these questions.

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Workplace Investigations

Organisations usually task internal HR with managing workplace investigations but due to the nuanced and complex nature of most investigations, staff often don't have the up-to-date case law knowledge, or the dedicated time needed to conduct a thorough investigation.

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IR / HR Consulting Services

Employee Relations is a complex space covering industrial relations and human resource requirements.

TP human capital’s Strategic HR team has the IR/HR expertise and experience required to provide advice and solutions in this highly specialised area.

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