Workplace Investigations and Dispute Resolution

TP Human Capital is an industry leader in providing independent workplace investigations and dispute mediation.

Employee misconduct and disputes, unfortunately, occur in the workplace.  These issues have serious consequences for those involved and could cost your organisation exhaustive amounts of money in legal and counsel fees if the matter is arbitrated in a court or tribunal.

Outsourcing workplace investigations to an independent specialist removes the perceived bias towards either the employer or the accused employee.  It further avoids managers being distracted from the daily principal responsibilities.




Our expert team will conduct an independent impartial investigation into any formal complaints regarding bullying, harassment, discrimination, theft, fraud, professional misconduct, and/or unethical behaviour in the workplace.  Our investigators will then make findings of fact and provide comments and recommendations/strategies for you in moving forward.

TP Human Capital investigate efficiently, thoroughly and in a timely manner.  We are an impartial entity and are fair to both employers and employees.  We ensure that we deliver procedural fairness for all parties involved and ensure compliance with relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

Not only does TP Human Capital provide you with a detailed final report after the investigation, we also provide insight into potential underlying causes of the issue and assist in addressing any policy/procedural issues that may be identified. We further recommend to you post–investigation strategies to help rebuild any affected working relationships.

TP Human Capital can also offer an independent and impartial third party to facilitate discussions and mediate any issues within the workplace.  By engaging our dispute resolution service you can achieve positive ongoing working relationships within your organisation.

For employers, the key tips for conducting investigations include:

  • Documentation is crucial;
  • record the lawful, objective reasons for any actions taken;
  • act without delay;
  • ensure you have an uncompromised decision maker;
  • update your contracts to exclude reciprocal application of policies and include express provisions around misconduct;
  • design and implement clear policies and procedures, particularly in relation to bullying, harassment, equal opportunity and the handling of workplace grievances; and
  • if you don’t know, or you are uncertain about, the correct processes to follow in initiating workplace investigations, seek professional advice sooner rather than later.