Workplace Investigations

Bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other employee misconduct can cause major harm to an organisation and its employees. It creates a toxic work environment and negatively impacts employee well-being and performance. Employee behavioural breaches can also incur heavy costs for organisations, including fines, loss of reputation and high levels of employee turnover.

Workplace Behaviour Review

Workplace behaviour analysis and review can be used as part of a proactive workplace culture strategy to address negative workplace situations arising from informal employee concerns.
This approach helps identify underlying causes such as organisational systems and social factors contributing to a negative workplace environment. Findings and recommended activities are provided to address and mitigate employee concerns

Workplace Investigation

If a formal employee complaint has been received, a workplace investigation is conducted to determine whether the allegations did occur and identify appropriate resolution actions.

The formal investigation process incorporates legal obligations and employees’ rights, procedural fairness requirements, collecting evidence and witness statements, recorded interviews, and a written findings report.

Independent Investigation

Engaging an Independent Investigator:

  • Removes the potential for conflicts of interest (real or perceived) due to relationships with either of the parties,
  • Removes the perceived bias towards either the employer, complainant or the accused employee, and
  • Provides neutral insights into potential underlying causes of the issue to help develop post–investigation strategies for rebuilding affected working relationships.

Confidential Advice

Confidential equiries can be directed to our Human Resource Specialists.