Market Employability Review

One of the biggest challenges for our recruitment clients is the gap in knowledge around the actual market conditions and candidate availability.

Our customised Market Employability Reports are designed to address this information gap by analysing and evaluating the internal and external factors contributing to existing recruitment challenges.


Standard review elements include:

Employer profile

  • What are your organisation’s positive/negative employment experiences (assess most marketable attributes and priority areas for improvement).

Candidate profile

  • What does your ideal prospective employee look like?
  • What skills, experience and other attributes do they have?
  • What skills are essential and what skills are ‘trainable’?

Candidate landscape

  • What is the current/potential market talent pool of prospective employees?
  • Passive and active job seeker demographics
  • Talent pool characteristics and attributes
  • Potential candidate availability and mobility

Competitor landscape

  • Who are you competing with for your prospective employees?
  • What conditions are they offering?
  • Employee training and development (expenditure)

Once we have a better understanding of the underlying factors contributing to your employment challenges, we can determine the feasibility of using a targeted recruitment campaign to best capture the attention of the talented individuals you want to work for your business.

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