strategic Coaching for Organisational Change

Strategic coaching for individuals and organisations undertaking a change process designed to drive higher performance and strategic behaviour shifts across large groups of people.


Organisational Transformation

  • Business Growth
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Mergers / Acquisitions

Often when an organisation is going through significant business transformation, the biggest barriers can stem from leadership. Even when leaders buy into the change, they may not know how to change their own behaviour to effectively lead the change for the organisation.

Demonstrating executive leadership ability through an organisational change process is essential for instilling employee confidence in the change and new business direction.

Our change coaches work directly with your leaders (individually and as an executive team) to build their executive presence, strategic thinking ability and profile in the organisation, and align individual actions and leadership decision making and messaging to the overall organisational strategy.


Organisational Capability

  • Workforce Capability Initiatives 
  • Embedding Behaviour Changes

The foundational premise of all good development programs is to support behavioural change. Effecting an organisation-wide change in behaviour after the programs are completed is where most businesses struggle.

Embedding new behaviours is dependent on three critical factors:

  • Ability - Does the individual have the skills and knowledge required for the behavioural change?
  • Motivation – does the individual have a desire to change behaviours?
  • Opportunity – does the organisation provide the right set of circumstances for the individual to change?

Our change coaches work closely with your leaders to understand and address your unique organisational barriers to changing employee behaviour across these three factors including:

  • Development program frameworks and design
  • Employee engagement, personality traits, and motivational styles
  • Organisational structure and job design, support systems and processes, and leadership influence.

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