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Talent Profiling System

Quality psychometric assessments are a highly predictive measure of how a person is likely to think, behave, and cope with stress in their job. These days, most HR professionals are familiar these assessments and regularly use them as part of the recruitment and selection process, but did you know, they can also be applied to coaching, team building, individual and leadership development, conflict resolution and career transition (outplacement).

Facet5 uses the ‘Big 5’ model of personality to provide an accurate and easily applied portrait of individual differences in behaviour, motivation and attitude. Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality available today

TP human capital uses the Facet5 model as the foundation for our Talent Profiling System. Run by our Strategic HR team, this system can assist you with integrating psychometric assessments into your talent management and workforce planning strategies.

Facet5 Profile

Core behavioural profile - personality traits

The Facet5 profile shows how an individual behaves at work: actual behaviour, how to best manage, what the work strengths are likely to be, and where individual work preferences might lie.

Leading Edge

How-to guide for managing direct reports

Leading Edge has been specifically designed for managers and provides a guide on how best to lead and manage each individual direct report based on transformational and transactional leadership competencies.


360-degree feedback on demonstrated leadership behaviours

The Strategic Leadership Review (SLR) process combines both a Facet5 behavioural profile and a 360-degree behavioural review to analyse and predict leadership behaviours and development requirements.


Role profiling for job/cultural fit

Audition is a role definition process used prior to recruitment which produces a role/person fit template and a corresponding behaviour-based event interview guide. Shortlisted candidates complete a Facet5 behavioural profile which we then compare to the role profile for best fit.


Individual and team preferences for conflict resolution, problem solving

Teamscape is used for team building workshops and development activities. The process combines the individual Facet5 behavioural profiles of each team member to present a group view on behavioural styles. It explores team dynamics, showing how relationships are likely to work, and presenting decision making preferences and conflict resolution strategies.

Work preferences

Career management, succession planning, career transition

The Work Preferences report identifies the key intrinsic motivators need for an individual’s job satisfaction, as well as the things that tend to be demotivating. This makes it a great tool for employee engagement activities, organisational restructuring and outplacement programs.

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