Facet5 Personality

  • Providing feedback
  • Team Development

    Facet5 personality profiles can be used not only at an individual level, but can be combined powerfully, for collaboration and developing team effectiveness. This approach helps colleagues and leaders understand how people prefer to think, communicate and work. Together individual profiles can be combined to create a TeamScape which clearly shows the culture of the team, how relationships are likely to work, and how the work will be managed and delivered.

    “This was a great way for my team and myself to better understand how we operate, our strengths and weaknesses.”
    Jane – Team Leader (Not for Profit)

    Facet5 TeamScape Sample


    If you are interested in learning more about how the Facet5 Personality System can help you and your team please contact me today. I would be more than happy to share with you my experience using the Facet5 System to help people become the best that they can become.

    For more information contact us on 07 4772 3800 or email training@tphumancapital.com.au.