Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Many of our clients feel restricted by their corporate advertising parameters, or simply don't have the resources to build a bespoke recruitment campaign.

As a boutique recruitment firm, we have greater creative flexibility with advertising campaigns. This means we can either work within your corporate guidelines to create a customised advertising approach, or we can run a completely separate and bespoke campaign on your behalf where we translate your brand message into different advertising approaches.


Targeted Advertising Packages

The best package for you will be determined by your objectives, the audiences you wish to target, and your advertising budget.

All advertising packages include:

  • Consultation session to gather key information and discuss campaign strategies
  • Campaign set-up and management fee
  • Preparation of campaign planner and design parameters for one advertising campaign
  • Active management of the advertising campaign and talent pool
  • Provision of shortlisted candidates

With over 40 years in the recruitment industry, we know how to connect with people; we know where they are and what they want! We have worked with a wide range of clients from multiple industries on targeted advertising campaigns for local, regional, and national audiences.

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