Workforce Analytics and Planning

Do you know which of your employees are considering retirement? What skills gaps do you need to address? Are your salaries competitive? How many potential leaders are you developing? Do you have career paths mapped for your high performers?

A workforce plan helps answer these questions and enables the development of evidence-based workforce management strategies using HR, finance and business analytics.

TP human capital can help you build a comprehensive workforce plan using our core framework.

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  • Where are you sourcing talent?
  • What are your workforce characteristics?
  • Who is at risk of leaving?
  • Why are people leaving?
  • Can compensation costs be saved?


  • Current and projected workforce requirements
  • Impact of turnover on future workforce
  • Industry and discipline compensation comparisons
  • Skills and locations required to support the business
  • Cost of skills and resources
  • Capturing and communicating change

Workforce Strategies

Once your workforce plan is established, we can help develop strategies to address any gaps between your current workforce state and your future workforce needs including programs to build the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to meet regulatory and legislative requirements, and achieve your business objectives.

  • Talent sourcing and acquisition strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership development programs
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Performance management
  • Skills assessments and gap analysis
  • Transition to retirement programs
  • Change management

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Workforce planning can be the key to building a profitable and sustainable future for you and your employees and is particularly relevant during times of organisational change, helping your business to be resilient to change as well as face the challenges ahead in a positive and proactive way.

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