Townsville will be the hottest Job Market in Australia in 2021

Consider moving to Townsville, North Queensland if you’re looking for work, as this Australian city’s job market has never been hotter. With Townsville’s thriving industry and tech scene acting as a big magnet, hiring is up over 14% from last the same time last year (2019).  Rental vacancy numbers are getting tighter as the attraction of moving to Townsville is getting hotter.   And of those new arrivals, many are from NSW and VIC - particularly with COVID enabling some workplaces staff to work from wherever they like.

Can Townsville be the most popular location in Australia for people looking to move to after 2021?    A fantastic location for families with young children who want to experience a sea-change.  Close to the Reef, Magnetic Island, Rainforests, the Outback - explore with your kids on the weekends or take your dogs and to one of the many beaches before or after work.

Could Townsville be the most popular Australian location to move to in 2021? comment below