Research Request : Mature Age Job Seekers (>55) : Can you help?

13 May 2021 : SHARED on behalf of RDA
Employment Barriers for Mature Age Job Seekers

Research Request

The Australian Government, through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) is keen to better understand and address barriers to the employment of workers over the age of 55.

At RDA we are critically aware of regional skills shortages. As a member of the Australian Government’s Townsville Jobs and Skills Taskforce, we are sharing this opportunity to invite you to have your say as an employer.

Research background and focus
The Australian Government is keen hear your views as an Employer about the benefits and challenges of employing mature age Australians.

A 5% lift in participation among over 55’s will add up to $48 billion extra to GDP. We need to understand how to make better use of this available experience.

Have your say by participating in a short interview as part of research commissioned by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, examining:the capacity and willingness of businesses to employ older workersperceived barriers amongst businesses to employment of this cohortpossible solutions to

Please register your interest and availability here for a 30 min phone or video interview between 17 May and 4 June, with the Outpost Consulting team.

After adding your name, select three proposed timeslots, then remember to press the continue button on the bottom right to add your contact details.

An interview guide with questions will be emailed to you beforehand, to help you gather your thoughts.

Thank you for contributing to this important research.

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