2014 #TsvTriFest : Photos available

We hope you had a great time on Sunday (especially the Swimmers) and you are already looking forward to Tri-ing next year.  I think you’d agree there was a real sense of camaraderie, fun and good will about the day.

That’s one of the most interesting things about human beings isn’t it?

The amazing passion we can show for sport, both as participants and as spectators, and especially for team sports.

IMG_6736They can be both character building and character revealing, and one of the reasons we are so devoted to them is because at a very deep level they make us happy.

People love being part of a team. We are all actually hard–wired for cooperation because in an evolutionary sense forming productive teams has been very good for us. Aspects of hunting, food gathering and production, security, shelter, child-rearing, you name it, we’re all improved by our forbears’ teamwork.

A shared goal can inspire us to great effort and commitment, and we can feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when that goal is reached.    Teamwork makes us happy, even when the task is hard; you could see that on many of the faces of Sunday’s competitors.

Have you ever wondered why many people struggle to bring that enjoyment and shared sense of purpose into other parts of their lives? Especially their working lives?

At TP Human Capital we specialise in building happier, more cooperative and more productive workplaces.

IMG_6415For an entertaining and practical insight into some of the ways we can make you and your team happier at work, please join us at our next breakfast seminar “Don’t Worry Be Happy”on Thursday 21st August at 7:15 am. ($30)

Thanks again for your support and helping us achieve another milestone with the Olympic Distance event in the mix, we would love to know what you liked and what you think could be better – we look forward to hearing your thoughts as we roll into 2015.

Happy Tri-ing | Happy Working


Our Managing Director, Clayton Cook is also Vice President of the Sportscene Superwarehouse Townsville Triathlon Festival and while running around on Saturday and Sunday had his trusty camera and took some photos.  You are welcome to use any of these photos anyway you like.


For awesome professional photos of the event, please see the web site from photographers REFLEX photography http://www.reflexphotography.com/gallery.16587

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