August 24 2018 TSV workforce report information

Australian Bureau of Statistics 12 month average workforce figures show Townsville unemployment rate is up 1% over the quarter to 9.5%. There are 11,300 unemployed people in Townsville region; 54% are females.

Clayton Cook Director of TP Human Capital said “On the other side of the ledger, Job adverts on Seek for our region have increased 25% since May. Those occupations with large increases in job adverts included Trades and Hospitality. There seems to be a mismatch for skills in demand with the skills unemployed people can supply. The region also seems to be filling many of those jobs by skilled workers from outside the region. This is reinforced in part by the strong improvement in the residential vacancy rate recently and over the past 12 months."

ABS data also reveals that since the start of 2018 there has been over 1,900 jobs created in Townsville region but no real improvement in the important jobs to population ratio.

Local Jobs in Demand

Mr Cook said “ There are 1261 jobs advertised on in the Townsville region. This is a 9% increase in Job adverts over the past month. Job adverts for Trades and Services has jumped 25% in the month to 226 job adverts. The next highest job ads are for Healthcare and Medical jobs with 188 job adverts. Mining & Energy and Manufacturing & Transport both have 99 job adverts each and there are 109 job adverts for Hospitality positions."

Mr Cook said “ the trades section had 18 Labourer positions advertised, 33 Electricians, 21 Fitter and Turner positions and 43 Auto Trades positions advertised."

Mr Cook said “ TP Human Capital are seeing strong demand for the following skills

  • Fitter and Turners
  • Boilermakers
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Finance Professionals