Congratulations to our Chartered Manager – Scott Timmins

TP Human Capital are proud to have a Chartered Manager among us after People Solution Specialist Scott Timmins completed the extensive qualification process in November.

The Chartered Manager (CMgr) is an internationally-recognised professional label accrediting management and leadership excellence.

Scott has been at TPHC for over three years and remains a great asset with his ability to understand people and their specific needs among many others.

“I take an individualistic approach to leading people because they are just that – individuals first”

Scott always has ambition to further his training which led the specialist to explore several different options including completing a master’s program at university. After learning the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) partnered with the UK to offer the Chartered Manager program, Scott believed it was the best option.

“It took a few months but was a great experience”

The Chartered Manager course is based on four pillars – knowledge and expertise, practical difference to the workplace, continuing professional development and ethical practice. With two paths open to people- the Experiential Route and the Qualified Route and, Scott was eligible for the latter as he already holds a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.

The first part of the program required a portfolio of evidence based around a series of leadership and management questions.

Scott said it was a challenging task.

“It took about 10 hours to complete but was also a great reminder of what I had done over the years”

The next step was to have an interview with an assessor in the UK.

“This was also a great experience, however due to the time difference and technology it was a late night. Then the final was for my referees to corroborate the responses.”

Scott is now able to professionalise his leadership skills and stand out in the competitive global market as he has differentiated himself from other managers.

“The benefits are on a personal level too, as my post nominals of CMgr are internationally recognized. The best value this brings to me, the team and the businesses I work with is the access to the Institute of Managers and Leaders resources. Once you are a member you have access to a whole array of different resources”

The achievement is a testament to the Scott’s commitment to broadening his expertise all the while adhering to codes of conduct and practice.

“When it comes to other businesses, I bring not only my experiences but the latest research around leadership and human behavior. I try before I buy – meaning after I read the research, I practice the technique in different situations before I give it to my clients.”

Scott will continue to succeed with his career as his next goal is to complete formal qualifications in psychology.

“I absolutely love human behavior, so I would love to dedicate four years of my life to a deep dive into the world of psychology.”

If you are interested in exploring how to become a Chartered Manager go to the IML website here and start your international recognition process today.

Danni – Recruitment Consultant