Getting up in the mornings : HR Breaky wrap-up :

Another successful HR breakfast event held in Townsville this morning.  “the last 2 events have sold out to our max of 70 attendees, and we were very close this morning at 57” said Clayton Cook, Managing Director.

“we are still very happy with the attendance, however maybe the topic didn’t resonate as well as the last couple of breakfasts, or it could be just the time of the year”.hr-pano

Feedback from this mornings event was very positive and the addition of live music thanks to “Blue Blood” helped entertain and get people in a good mood.  Music was used to explain the connections between music, tempo, and mood – oh and for pure entertainment.  Click on the video below to get an idea.

The quest for happiness is a futile quest, but you can choose how you re-act to things and how you approach your work and life.  You have the choice between negative reactions, emotions and positive.  Brian also explained how it’s possible to enjoy working in a shitty (literally) environment 🙂

How do you react to a driver cutting you off on the way to work? – is it by giving them the middle finger salute or are you relaxed and thinking maybe they made a mistake or maybe they were trying to get to the hospital urgently to see their dying grandma.  People make assumptions, but do we really know what the situation is and should we let it effect our mood.  Do we then carry these things into the workplace and project these emotions on others.

Social media was also discussed and studies showing peoples posts on Facebook can effect peoples mood and is catching – ripples spread into your social networks – positive or negative.2015-05-21_20-29-07

The news is mostly negative and DOES have an effect on your state of mind.  Try having a break from TV news for a few weeks.  You’ll like it 🙂

Thank you to everyone attending this morning and please let us know on if you’d like to be added to the mailing list for future breakfasts.

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Of course if your staff enjoy coming to work, then it will certainly help them feel good getting up in the mornings.  Team events are a great way to build morale, engagement, and team work.   The TP Human Capital Teams Triathlon is JUNE 28 and in it’s 13th successful year.

2015 Teams A4 Flyer updated

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