I can’t believe it’s been 14 years!! wow

I can’t believe it’s been 14 years!! TP started this event all the way back in 2002 (when I was a young whipper snapper 28 year old) – the same year we changed our name from Townsville Personnel to TP Human Capital in line with diversifying our services from purely recruitment to a one-stop-shop including Training, and human resource consulting.

I remember putting together ideas for a corporate teams event and the final two choices

Courtney Hancock in Townsville for #TsvTriFest launch

Courtney Hancock in Townsville for #TsvTriFest launch

were between a Teams Triathlon or Barefoot Bowls. While barefoot bowls matched my preference for sporting activities that allow beer hydration, we ended up choosing Triathlon because it was something different and a healthier alternative. Importantly it still retained the elements we were looking for in an event – Team Building, promoting wellbeing, boosting Morale, and engagement of staff.  Overall the main aim was and still is to highlight the importance of the people in your business.

It’s grown up over those years!!

14 years later and Friday 26 February 2016 saw the Launch of the BIG WEEKEND – Intersport Townsville Tri Festival  August 19-21. 9 events in 3 days.

This year we are concentrating on bringing back the core elements of the original corporate Teams Triathlon  – reducing INTIMIDATION and really focussing on making this an event for everyone from 7 to 70 years of age. We really want to encourage people to have FUN and get their family, friends, and work colleagues involved.

Jonathan Thurston, Cowboys with Kids Triathlon

Jonathan Thurston, Cowboys with Kids Triathlon

The event will evolve further into a true Multisport FESTIVAL weekend in the future and 2016 is a great way to start in that direction.

What does this mean for the Corporate Teams Triathlon?

If you walk Castle Hill or the Strand, then you can do this event. Of course competitive athletes can still enter, however there are more competitive style events on offer over the weekend which they might prefer.

The distances are also more achievable this year with a 400m swim, 13 km bike ride, and a 3.5 km run leg.

Costumes, decorated bikes, team themes, etc is the name of the game. J there will be heaps of prizes too encouraging people to get creative.

TP train plenty of staff on Team Building, and I can guarantee that if you are a HR professional, Owner, or Manager you will not find better value for your staff development than the Corporate Teams Event.

See you in August

Clayton Cook, Managing Director, TP Human Capital

 Swim Start Townsville Triathlon Festival