Jobkeeper Withdrawal Promotes Participation

Townsville Regional jobs dashboard for April 2021 looks positive. The withdrawal of Jobkeeper and seasonal activity has promoted greater participation. Townsville job numbers rose, contrary to the national and state trend. Townsville’s jobs reputation has changed over the past 4-5 years.  Construction projects, Health jobs, and significant events are supporting a new reputation.

Official job numbers for the Townsville region rose to 112,100 the largest workforce in Townsville Region since November 2013. The official 12 month Unemployment rate dropped to 6.1% and is expected to fall further over the coming 6 to 18 Months.  Townsville regions participation rate rose to 64.4%. All key indicators bucked official national and state trends.

TP Human Capital Director Clayton Cook said “Townsville Region Jobs ads remain solid.  Officially the withdrawal of Jobkeeper has seen 800 jobs added to the official Townsville figures.  Most of the improvement is coming from females who boosted their participation in the “holiday” month (April)”.

The strength in local job advertisements, high local business confidence, solid project numbers, consistent reports of skill gaps in a variety of industries and federal budget support for female participation in the workforce suggests this month’s local jobs numbers could improve in coming months.  Townsville hasn’t seen these economic conditions for a long time.

Townsville region has continuing strong job ads that are being driven by trades, health, community services, manufacturing and hospitality. Townsville Region has a diversified job ads profile and, looking forward, the second half of 2021 is looking busy with three Tier 1 projects ( Genex, Singapore Defence and Agrpower) and three Tier 2 projects (JCU TIC, Ring Road, Riverway) commencing supporting hundreds of jobs.  Skill gaps are expected to deteriorate and wages in construction are expected to rise.  Housing this workforce is expected to be a big challenge.”

Regional Economist Colin Dwyer said “Townsville’s jobs reputation has changed over the past 4-5 years.  The 2016 federal election was a pivot moment for Townsville, as was the City Deal program.  QCB stadium is key to developing this positive lifestyle and jobs point of difference.

The footy doubleheader this past weekend has been an opportunity for Townsville to capitalise on a key point of difference and drive similar events in the future, supporting future local jobs and businesses.  As a community, we need to support both nights of this footy festival.   Putting bums on seats, heads in beds, and buyers in businesses will support local jobs and secure similar events in the future.”

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