Make an Album – support our Jade

Jade is part of the awesome TP training team. Please help support Jade Holland and read her letter below.  In 2012 TP Human Capital became the major sponsor of North Queensland’s brightest country music star, Jade Holland, helping to produce her first EP, due late 2012.  Her EP is now released and it’s time for Jade to produce her first ALBUM.


Hey Beautiful People!

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My name is Jade Holland and I have been performing for about 11 years now. I have always had the dream of releasing my own album and sharing my music with the world!

The next step is to record the new music I have written and share it with the world.  Like many musicians, I’m currently struggling to find the funds to record and promote my album alone.

My debut single hit the ground running on December 10th and has been an incredible journey, but now it’s time for the entire album.

What I Need & What You’ll Get

To record the full album with some amazing musicians and a great producer I’ll need around $25,000.

I’ve already saved some and I’m working very hard towards the rest but with your help I’ll hopefully be able to reach my goals sooner rather than later!

Every little bit you’re able to contribute will help me pay;

  • the amazing musiciansjade-wide
  • engineer
  • producer
  • mastering
  • studio time
  • artwork
  • video clip
  • marketing/advertising/promotions
  • (and food!)

Making music has always been a very special thing to me, now I have the opportunity to share my music with the world.

If I don’t reach my goal, the funds raised will still be going towards this album! Every little bit helps a lot!  If you can’t help, please help share via your social media channels on this page.  thank you so much.

Please click here to pre-purchase the Album and make my dream a reality.