Secrets of Successful Teams – SOLD OUT

Sold out three weeks prior to our 26 Feb 2015 HR Breakfast event.  We are very proud that this is our third sold out event in a row at 70 attendees each.  We have been asked to open the breakfast up to more numbers, however we find that anymore than this number and the event loses some intimacy, and it seems to be an ideal size for our format.

sold out 70

sold out 70

Brian and Dean presented an entertaining and educational breakfast event, concentrating on Successful Teams Dressing up as Barney and Fred from the Flintstones to highlight relevance in relation to team work, and team functions going back to the stone age.

You can download the powerpoint presentation here.

TP delivers team training to organisations from small businesses to large in all industries (including Government).  We can customise training sessions from as little as an hour as part of a conference, to two day sessions.  Involving psychometric profiles is also a popular option.