The Moving Beast- Covid 19

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CAITLYN CHARLES, Townsville Bulletin, Monday 1st April

Townsville Bulletin spoke to Clayton Cook- Managing Director of Tp Human Capital to uncover how Covid-19 has influenced the job market.

The Townsville Bulletin reports that more than 900 jobs are currently advertised in the Townsville region with health and trades jobs accounting for more than 32 per cent. After thousands of people in Townsville and an estimated 85,000 in Queensland lost their jobs amid the coronavirus shutdown, some industries are emerging as stable.

Clayton says that the Townsville workforce is a “moving beast” with many unsure what will happen as the coronavirus pandemic evolves but there is a silver lining for some industries. Australia has not experienced anything like this before. It is new and we are learning as we go along. Since lockdown laws were first introduced, 100 Telstra jobs were advertised in Townsville, with the company looking to take on 1000 people across the country. Ergon would be in a similar situation, with many people now spending more time in their homes. There were 146 jobs in the hospital and healthcare sector, with nearly 100 of those on offer with the Townsville Hospital and Health Service.

Industries like health, aged care and the disability support sector were expected to be relatively stable, if not desperate for more staff during the pandemic.

Some businesses, who had been looking to hire people, are holding off on offers to wait and see what changes would be put in place soon. There is always opportunity for something, sectors do not disappear. Support for the hospitals and GPs, of course, at the moment their demand is increased.

There is some opportunity, with many essential services remaining operational, but they are not going to be in the same sectors people are used to working in.


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Clayton Cook Townsville has added 15,000 workers over the past 3 years