Where have all the leaders gone

Over the past few years across the Australian political landscape we have witnessed nothing more than a bunch of so called leaders jostling for positional power. The problem with this is that all these figures are not leaders they are driven by personal accomplishments and whatever they can do to remain in power.

With this in mind I asked myself a simple question – Where have all the leaders gone?

Leaders are not just figure heads who uses catchy slogans like “We will stop the boats” or “We put people first”. They don’t flip flop on their principles because they will lose the next election. True leaders don’t broadcast their personal achievement, knowing that it was a team of people behind the scenes that actually got them there. In simple terms true leaders:

“Inspire others to contribute to something greater than themselves”

(Simon Sinek – Leaders Eat Last)

When I use this filter over the people around me I can see great leaders everywhere. At the local footy club where one of the parents are encouraging the kids to go out and give it their best. In the supermarket were a passer-by helps an elderly person get something that is out of reach. At work where a colleague checks in with you because they noticed that you were not doing well today. They are not doing this because they will an election or because there’s more money in it for them. They are doing this because of the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped inspire someone to achieve something greater than themselves. Each and every one of them is a leader.

Whilst the politicians in Canberra continue with their leadership masquerade, the rest of Australia is witnessing true leadership under the guise of everyday people doing everyday things.

What are the leaders in your life?

Scott Timmins GradCertPSM, CAHRI, AFIML

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  1. Robert on September 6, 2018 at 7:42 am

    My thoughts exactly.
    360 Degrees of Leadership.
    Influence, Enable, Encourage, Inspire.
    Have a great day!