You’re Invited: How to Deliver Unmistakeable Value


Delivering Unmistakeable Value


 “Executives are keenly aware that training is but a means to learning. And while most business leaders are sold on the idea that learning is crucial, some harbour serious doubts about whether the training in which they invest consistently yields learning that truly helps the business”.

– David van Adelsberg


Your Invite: Click Invite to view Seminar Details!

Your Invite: Click Invite to view Seminar Details!

Join us for breakfast and discover how you can create a return on investment for your learning and development initiatives and solve the real business issues your organisation faces.

This 90-minute workshop provides you with simpletools, strategies and ideas for investigating and building learning and development initiatives that will:

  • Gain ‘buy-in and support’ from the Executive for Human Resource Initiatives
  • Increase confidence and perception of Human Resources as a strategic asset to the business

Historically there has been a gap between what is important to business and what training measures. The development of learning initiatives has typically focussed on training content and instructional design. This workshop looks at how to move the emphasis towards a holistic understanding of the causal factors and business drivers associated with an organisational issue and how to create a plan and the business case to implement the solution.

Taking a project management approach to learning and development initiatives, you will be introduced to ideas on:

  • Identifying and clarifying business problems
  • Using modelling to quantify the business problem in financial terms
  • Utilising a range of tools and methodologies for identifying underlying causal factors beyond lack of skills
  • Creating a fully integrated solution
  • Evaluating the ‘Return-on-Investment’ of the project
  • Building and presenting your business case to key stakeholders/executive

For more information, see the attached flyer.

If you missed out last time or know someone who might like to attend please contact us to reserve your seats. Limited spaces are available, secure your seats NOW!. Contact Jade Holland – or 4772 3800.

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