Blog : Sean Johnson : Thoughts

I am still stunned to see that many businesses have not figured out how to address the connection between the employee experience and their productivity. The positive correlation between empowered and engaged employees with financial performance AND reduction in operational risk is deeply insightful and the basis for unlocking human capital.

This snapshot explanation of employee engagement by our partners, Gallup, opens the window into this powerful lead indicator.

It is the must-have survey for any leadership team and board. The real power comes to the fore when the results are benchmarked against comparable organisations/business units and assessed against financial and risk performance KPIs.

Our takeaways:
1. Use the results to develop hypothesis to test;
2. Look at the reciprocal causal linkage between employees and managers;
3. Identify the links between the underlying causes of low or disengagement with the strategic financial and risk performance KPIs.
4. This is not just a “HR Job”.