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What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits to using an Assessment Centre recruitment approach for volume recruitment situations.

Saves time.  Assessment centre recruitment makes it possible to simultaneously evaluate a lot of candidates in a variety of skills. This makes large scale / bulk recruitment less time consuming, and ultimately less costly.

Group dynamics.  An assessment centre creates a group environment for your recruitment process. It can be easier for candidates to hide particular traits during an interview but in a group environment, and the dynamics really change. Behavioural strengths and weaknesses naturally emerge so you can better see skills like leadership, communication and problem solving in action.

Skin in the game.  Assessment centers use multiple assessment 'stations' which means you can involve people in the organisation who wouldn't ordinarily have the opportunity to be a part of the recruitment process. For example, if you're recruiting for apprentices, you can involve workshop supervisors, experienced trades and even senior apprentices in different elements of the process. Their input is part of the final decision, so the responsibility of the ultimate hires is shared.

Transparent process.  People outside of HR don't ordinarily experience the inner workings of recruitment and often that can lead to them not fully trusting (or understanding) the process. By involving them in the assessment centre, they can directly experience how the process works and better appreciate how each assessment element forms a part of the overall candidate picture.

Staff development.  The assessment centre can also be used as an opportunity for emerging HR and non-HR leaders to build skills in interviewing, communication and leading teams.

Employer branding.  The assessment centre is an opportunity to put your organisation on display. You can provide business information directly to the candidate group, as well as have your organisational representatives provide their personal insights directly to the candidates during interviews and informal conversations. This means candidates can get a real feel for whether your organisation is right for them.

Stress testing.  Performing under pressure is a great indicator of capability; an assessment centre provides a controlled stress environment which is more reflective of the day-to-day stresses candidates will encounter in the workplace, giving you an insight as to how they will handle themselves in the organisation.

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When to use an Assessment Centre?

An assessment centre can be used to recruit for all kinds of roles, a variety of employment conditions, and for people at different stages of their career. It can be used for bulk recruitment (recruiting multiple roles) and individual roles, particularly those with high volume applications.

  • Annual intakes - Apprentices, Graduates, Trainees
  • Management selection
  • Shutdowns - multiple roles, multiple disciplines
  • Labour hire - project workforce, hospitality staff for event

How do I organise an Assessment Centre?

TP human capital can help you with both the design and facilitation of your assessment centre.

Assessment Centre Design

The design consultation ensures all elements required for success in the role are taken into consideration and includes a job analysis to identify the core competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance expectations of the role.

This enables us to determine the best activities to assess these criteria during the assessment centre. These could include:

  • Competency-based interviews
  • Behavioural-based interviews
  • Psychometric assessments (personality, stress tolerance)
  • Cognitive ability /aptitude assessments (numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning)
  • Group activities (leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution)
  • Technical competency activities (trade skills, technical writing, presentations)
  • Individual and group games-based assessments (gamification)

Assessment Centre Facilitation

TP human capital has a team of professional facilitators, accredited assessors and recruitment specialists so we can offer options tailored to your organisational requirements. So you could choose to use TP human capital to be the Lead Facilitator for the assessment centre, or to partner with your internal staff on assessment stations and interview panels, or to simply provide additional support on the day.

Your options also include:

  • Coordinating the assessment centre including venue setup and assessment platform administration
  • Managing the data capture and integration of results
  • Leading the assessment centre debrief and candidate selection discussion
  • Providing feedback to non-selected candidates