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    FAQ : questions

    F.A.Q : Our standard office opening hours are 8.30 to 5pm.  We are very flexible though and if you require hire from early in the morning to late at night we can accommodate.  If you require meet and greet services or staff support outside of normal office hours additional charges may incur.

    We are a training company and therefore have all the facilities and equipment required to offer additional support when required.  From photocopying, colour printing, binding, etc.  We can help.

    While we are not a serviced office business, we do offer these options.  We have two current clients that have worked out of our office for 12 months and 6 months respectively.  One has taken a 40m2 space and the other an office for 1 staff member.  They of course have access to meeting rooms, toilets, kitchen, etc.

    Many of our clients do.  You can get them couriered to our offices and we can set them up for you.  We regularly have more than 30 computers setup in our premises running exams for various education bodies.  They typically deliver computers, servers, etc days before and we will set-up and ensure everything is tested before test or training day.

    We can provide multiple experienced Invigilators at anytime.  Whether for one person or 40 sitting an exam.  We do this for Universities and other education institutions.

    As we have a wide range of catering providers and agreements in place, we don’t allow you to provide your own catering.  However if you have specific reasons or requirements please speak to us.