Is what you see all that’s there?

By Felicity Neil | Dec 19, 2014

How understanding our brain could make us more humble, understanding and forgiving While in Police Recruit College, Cliff had an interesting experience. As part of his training he had taken part in a mock hotel robbery, where he was one of the attending officers. Afterwards he was quizzed about details of the ‘crime’. One of…

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Why Are People So Rude?

By Felicity Neil | Sep 29, 2014

More helpful hints for a happier workplace. “He never says good morning to me. To say please or thank you is just too much trouble. I’ve never seen him open a door or offer a chair to anyone. He just throws things onto my desk and says ‘Do these for me by five!’ He will…

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SEEKintheCITY is a success! $17,000 raised

By tphcmanager | Sep 23, 2014

As a locally owned and operated company, TP human capital loves to get involved in our community.  After starting and running the hugely successful TP Human Capital Corporate Teams Triathlon in 2002 we were happy to this experience to assist Martin McDonough from Explore Property to Event manage the 2014 SeekintheCity event (20th September 2014). 20…

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Funeral Crashing, Typologies and The Importance Of Manners

By Felicity Neil | Aug 5, 2014

More handy tips for a happier work life. There were about fifty people gathered around the open grave site. The coffin was ready to be lowered into the pit. The priest was ready to begin. We were waiting for the wife of the deceased, a large woman in her sixties who was running, as fast…

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Jobs in Townsville – new work for dole

By tphcmanager | Jul 28, 2014

The government has announced changes to the unemployment benefits due to take effect 1st July 2015.   These changes include job seekers having to apply for 40 jobs per month and working for unemployment benefits – something like 25 hours per week.  Clayton Cook, our Managing Director was interviewed by ABC Radio and the Townsville Bulletin…

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Positive Psychology, Divorce Predictors and The Buddha

By Felicity Neil | Jul 8, 2014

Some handy tips for a happier work-life. Here’s a little quote from a gentleman we’ll call Bob. Bob supervised a crew of about twenty workers in the construction industry. Some negative feedback from a number of team members had prompted HR to have a discussion with him re: his management style and this is how…

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STEREOTYPES PART 2 – A cautionary tale from the trainer’s past….

By Felicity Neil | Jun 2, 2014

It was a very small room…and it was full of Garbos. I don’t mean they all looked like deceased reclusive film stars, I mean they were garbage collectors, men and women who worked to remove, recycle and store the waste of a fairly large city. Twenty-first Century political correctness has ensured that their employer, a…

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By Felicity Neil | May 6, 2014

Ever been part of a growing workforce? Ever had responsibility for forming or managing a team? Ever wondered how the recruitment process can still get it so completely wrong? Have you ever hired a mini-me? Belbin Team Roles can be a powerful tool for creating balanced and productive teams. A successful team is made up…

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JCU Administration Conference 23,24 April 2014

By tphcmanager | Apr 24, 2014

We are very proud to be involved for the second year in the James Cook University Administration Conference held at Jupiters Casino in Townsville on the 23/24 April 2014. Last year we had three of our talented facilitators running a number of workshops, this year we had two (Dean and Brian) attend, with two Keynote…

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