Townsville’s unemployment rate has started to improve

By Clayton Cook | Sep 3, 2019

Queensland’s unemployment figures were recently reported by Josh Bavas from ABC News. Clayton Cook- TP Human Capital Managing Director, was interviewed to comment on the recent unemployment rate in Townsville to gain his expert opinion on where Townsville is heading. Exerts of the article are below. To view the full article head to: ABC News. …

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Wallaby friendly workplace

By AnnaleseS | Aug 30, 2019

“Ohana means Family. Family means, no one gets left behind” and fortunately enough these little joeys are now apart of the TP Human Capital family. We pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly office not only with the Wallabies but also with our “Furry Fridays” when our staff members can bring in their dogs for the…

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Women in Mining

By Grace Mitchell | May 22, 2019

Mining jobs for women are not nearly as scarce as you might think. Though most people tend to think of mining as primarily a man’s world, there are more and more women making inroads in the industry. In fact, many companies actually prefer to hire women for certain jobs, as they tend to have excellent…

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How to get more of what you want

By Scott Timmins | Mar 14, 2019

Imagine if the first person your customers see is just like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. They are miserable with life, nothing ever goes right for them and they let everyone who walks in know it.That was something I experienced so I set myself a challenge, to turn their frown upside down. After six long months I finally got there. In this months newsletter I explore the ways we can influence people to get more of what you want.

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How the Titanic tragedy can help you make better decisions

By Scott Timmins | Feb 7, 2019

If we look back through history and the Titanic tragedy, we can learn a lot about unintended consequences and improve our decision making process.

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Three Ways to Develop Grit

By tphcmanager | Oct 10, 2018

As October is Mental Health Month I wanted to give you some tools that you can use in both your work and personal lives. This week is all about developing Grit: Why do some people success while others fail? Angela Duckworth, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, discovered through her research at…

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Are you rowing in the right direction?

By Felicity Neil | Oct 8, 2018

I would like for you to think of your company as a canoe of 10 people, each with their own paddle. If the entire team is paddling in the same direction at the same rate, then success is just over the horizon. What happens if only 2 people are paddling in the right direction, 6…

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NQ Skills Shortage….. or not?

By tphcmanager | Sep 17, 2018

We are often asked for information in relation to perceived current or future Skills Shortages.  How can there be talk of Skills Shortages in North Queensland in September 2018 when the Unemployment rate is 9.5%? Our preference is to reference ‘a tightening in labour supply’, rather than a broad Skills Shortages statement, particularly when many…

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I Broke My Rubber Band and It Hurt

By Felicity Neil | Sep 6, 2018

Human beings are amazingly resilient. Physically we can push ourselves to an extreme like completing the Hawaiian triathlon (Swim 3.8 km, Ride 180 km, Run 42 km). Intellectually we have the capacity to solve complex problems like landing a man on the moon or self-driving cars. Psychologically we can endure extremely challenging conditions like that…

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