Pokémon What? – Using Game Design Theory to Get More of What You Want

By Felicity Neil | Aug 30, 2016

Gamification is not just about making life fun, it’s about using our intrinsic reward system to make long lasting change. Now imagine for a moment that you had the power to change the way people behave, what would be the first thing you would change? Getting people to really act on climate change, motivating people…

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Making Friends When You Don’t Want To

By Felicity Neil | Aug 3, 2016

  We want to make friends for a number of reasons; it’s safer, it meets our needs for affiliation, it reflects our sense of identity and makes us feel good about ourselves. Friends are helpful when we want to get things done, but how do you get things done with people you would not usually…

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By Felicity Neil | Jul 5, 2016

Resumes are not on too many bestseller lists. They are normally pretty dry, so creating one that helps you to stand out from the crowd is no easy task. You have to make sure that the spelling is perfect, the formatting is consistent, and that your first statements grab the reader’s attention. However, isn’t the…

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How to Talk to Teenagers and Other Life Forms – Part 3: Make a Concession

By Felicity Neil | Jul 1, 2016

WHY WE LIKE GROUPS The first thing to understand about the concept of Making a Concession (or the Theory of Reciprocation) is the importance of groups in our evolutionary history. Groups have been very good for us as a species. Being a member of the group gives me a survival advantage. If you can picture…

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How to talk to teenagers and other life forms – Part two: Attention to the Partner

By Felicity Neil | Jun 1, 2016

THE ACTOR’S PREDICAMENT Hello again dear reader. Before we launch into Part Two of ‘How to Talk to Teenagers and Other Life Forms’ here’s a little Actor’s Predicament for you to consider… Suppose you’re an actor and you have auditioned and landed a role (Joy unconfined! Break out the Chateau Cardboard honey! We eat tonight!)…

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The Social Media Conundrum

By Felicity Neil | May 4, 2016

As I lay in bed waiting for someone to ‘like’ my random post about how much a cat looks like its owner, I glance over to see my partner fast asleep and my alarm clock reading 11:06pm. Where had the last few hours gone and more importantly why was I still on this phone? Until…

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By Felicity Neil | Apr 4, 2016

THREE TECHNIQUES FROM ACTOR TRAINING. I first started using these techniques about a hundred years ago when I was a very young man training as an actor in Sydney. At about the same time I got a contract to teach a music course to a group of homeless kids in Bondi. The work was challenging,…

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HR Breakfast Feb 2016 – Why is it so hard to speak up?

By tphcmanager | Mar 8, 2016

HR Breakfast Feb 2016 – Key Messages click to download Why are we reluctant to raise issues? Given the choice of raising a difficult issue or avoiding one, most of us would rather do the latter. The majority of us avoid talking about what matters most with our work colleagues, our friends, our families and our…

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Training ROI – staff retention

By tphcmanager | Mar 7, 2016

What is your Training ROI (Return on Investment)? Training is a key component in any organisations retention strategy. And in the current economy retaining your KEY STAFF is critical.  One of the best ways to improve confident, engagement, and retention in a tough economy is to invest in training your staff. Yet all too often,…

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