Leadership-potraitWhen developing a training plan for your organisation, or choosing training for your own self-development, it is vital that you choose a training partner who will deliver the results you require.

In 2011 TP Human Capital was a Queensland finalist for the Small Training Provider of the Year and we’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest companies to deliver customised training initiatives.

Just as each individual has different needs, so do organisations. Although generic courses are a valuable tool to pass on a widely used set of skills, often organisations require training to be conducted in a way that matches internal procedures, processes and culture.

At TP Human Capital we believe the key to successful and meaningful training is through customisation of training programs to client individual and business needs. We can customise the program so that it directly relates to your workplace. After consultation and discussion aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of your specific business needs, TP Human Capital will design a tailored programme based on your work environment. We offer:


We believe the following principles are critical:

Learner Centred Processes

Delegating the control of the learning process is critical to effective learning – we prefer to facilitate learning rather than instruct.

Outcome Focused Training

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else”

We believe that it is important to measure learning progress against pre-determined learning outcomes. We prefer to work with clear training objectives, use transparent analysis/evaluation tools and to check performance along the way.

Active Involvement in Learning

For significant learning to occur people must be actively involved in the learning process. Our methods are both practical and flexible, and often include the use of experiential learning activities.

Relevance and Application

To achieve real gains in performance, learning needs to be both relevant and transferable to real work situations. We work hard to ensure that participants can transfer their learning