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Training Services

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Have you ever attended a training program that just seemed to drag on slide after slide? You go home exhausted not sure what you have learnt?

If this sound like you then it’s obvious that you’ve never been to one of our programs.

At TP Human Capital we believe that if training is not pragmatic, interactive and invokes some form of emotional response then it’s not training – it’s a lecture and as most people can attest to, not inducive to adult learning. A contemporary learning environment needs to be one that has a blend of both theory and practical strategies that participants can take with them.

Our dedicated facilitators have decades of experience in the design and delivery of modern development programs, ensuring that all learning needs are catered for.

Most importantly our facilitators are recognised as industry experts with a proven ability to draw in real life examples to demonstrate how the principles and techniques work in real life.

Along with our standard programs our facilitators can design new programs based on your specific needs or customise existing programs to align with your specific workplace requirements.