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Microsoft Excel is the bestselling and most widely used spreadsheeting program in the world. Microsoft Excel is standard in most businesses, and is almost essential to operate efficiently in today’s office environment. TP Human Capital’s Microsoft Excel training will give you the skills to confidently and efficiently produce professional spreadsheets and databases.

This course builds on the base developed in Introduction to Excel, giving you increased skills to produce more complex documents. This level of training is the minimum level required for anyone who is serious about developing their office skills.

Course Topics

  • Revision Exercises
  • Viewing and printing a large worksheet effectively
  • Working with worksheets
  • Freeze document panes and split worksheets
  • Rename, insert, delete, copy, group worksheets within the workbook
  • Outlining
  • Create and protect templates
  • Protect Workbooks
  • Charting
  • Commonly used functions
  • Construct formulas using relative and absolute references
  • Sum, Max, Min, Average, PMT, PV and IF functions
  • Auditing your worksheets
  • Validating your data
  • Data lists
  • Auto filtering