Group Facilitation

Do you or your business need help with:

  1. Problem solving or decision making within the group
  2. Bringing together diverse stakeholders to identify areas of common ground around issues, challenges, opportunities, and strategies for action
  3. Identifying barriers to the team’s success — and developing action plans to address these
  4. Defining a shared vision for the group
  5. Developing priorities and goals to move the group forward
  6. Constructively engaging disruptive team members by exploring the underlying causes and constructing pathways toward reconciliation
  7. Develop working agreements and personal action plans to facilitate team effectiveness.

Then you may benefit from our group facilitation services.

Scott Timmins has been facilitating strategic planning days, design workshops, stakeholder engagement activities, community forums and business process design workshops across Australia for over 15 years across . Scott will design and guide your meetings and workshops so you don’t have to; allowing you to fully engage & focus on the dialogue with your team.

If you are interested in speaking with Scott about what he can do to help you and your business contact him today:

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