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Facilitator – Business Consultant – Leadership and Change Management Professional

ScottAs an experienced Business Consultant with a passion for supporting successful change, Scott’s vision is to provide people and businesses with the necessary tools and capabilities they require to achieve success.  With over 25 years’ experience working with teams, managers and senior executives, he is well positioned to support any of your business or individual needs.

With a passion for research across the fields of psychology and neuroscience, Scott has dedicated his professional life, to help people understand the impact change has in their personal and working lives. Using this philosophy, Scott’s people focused “DEAL with change” model, uses well established psychological principles in the successful implementation of cultural change.

With extensive experience working with the public service, Scott has a detailed understanding of the specific nuances of working in government, and the role public service has in managing public policy. He understands the apprehensions in managing public servants and the complexities around employee engagement. Scott’s knowledge and experience with the public and private sector will provide local, state and federal public service agencies and businesses   with a consultant who can hit the ground running.

Scott has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of organisational change, leadership and management, managing performance, employee engagement, emotional intelligence and resilience. His programs are thought provoking, challenging and fun. Through his passion and energy participants leave his sessions inspired, engaged and ready to embed their newfound knowledge and skills into their workplace immediately.

Scott is available to meet with you to discuss your needs and aspirations as they relate to you, your team and your organisation.

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