Powerful Learning

Litigation arising from accusations of workplace bullying and harassment is at an all time high in this country, and in an increasingly complex legislative framework, people at all levels of an organisation need the confidence and ability to recognise and respond to instances of bullying and harassment in a competent and appropriate manner.

Our experience shows us that many employees approach this kind of training with strongly negative preconceptions…”This will be boring…a waste of time…it’s just political correctness gone mad…etc”. Practical research and ‘road testing’ across a range of business and industry settings have allowed us to develop a unique scenario - based programme specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

TP human capital can customise the program so that it directly relates to your workplace. After consultation and discussion aimed at gaining a deep understanding of your specific business needs, TP Human Capital will design a tailored programme based on scenarios from your own work environment. Trained facilitators and actors then guide your team through an engaging and interactive workshop exploring the keys to understanding and
dealing with harassment and bullying.

Each participant receives quality training, comprehensive course notes, and
individual follow up support.

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